African American Golfers Hall of Fame
West Palm Beach, Florida

   “African American Golfer’s Hall of Fame - Legends”


“Inaugural 2005 Members”

Gordon Brown, Sr., San Diego, CA; Pete Brown, Dayton, OH; Arthur L. Davis, Sr., West Palm Beach, FL;
Renee Fluker, Detroit, Mich.; Selina Johnson, Detroit, Mich.;
Malachi Knowles, Riviera Beach, FL and William “Bill” Powell*, East Canton, OH.

 Posthumously inducted: Althea Gibson; Dr. George F. Grant, Herman Mitchell,
Teddy “Rags” Rhodes and John Shippen.

“Inaugural 2005 Humanitarian Awardees”

Gary Player, Johannesburg, South Africa; Richard F. Sebastian, Foxwood, CT;
Dr. Julius Taylor, Baltimore, MD

“2006 Members”

James Lacey “Jim” Dent, Tampa, FL; *Dr. William “Bill” Dickey, Phoenix, AZ; Alton Duhon, Los Angeles, CA;
James Garvin, Jr., Washington, DC; LaJean W. Gould, Atlanta, GA; Calvin Peete, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL;
*Julius Richardson, Chicago, Ill; Peggy Rhodes-White, Chicago, Ill and William “Bill” Wright, Los Angeles, CA Posthumously inducted: Ann Gregory.

“2006 Humanitarian Awardees”

Dr. Thomas A. Hart, Sr., Washington, DC; Reese A. Jarrett, San Diego, CA & Calvin Goode, Phoenix, Arizona.

“2007 Members”

Agatha M. Delancy, Nassau, Bahamas; Lee Elder, San Diego, CA; Charles Owens, Tampa, FL;
Renee Powell, East Canton, OH. Posthumously inducted: Joseph M. Bartholomew
& John Roux, New Orleans, LA

“2007 Humanitarian Awardees”

Jack W. & Barbara B. Nicklaus, North Palm Beach, FL
William “Bill” Shack, Las Vegas, NV
Helen B. Wilkes, Palm Beach, FL

“Inaugural 2007 Pioneer of the Year”

 Posthumously inducted: F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr., Esquire, Riviera Beach, FL.

“Inaugural 2007 Publisher of the Year”

Calvin H. Sinnette, M.D., Arlington, VA

“Inaugural 2007 Golf Administrator of the Year”

Dennis C. Morgan, Suwanee, GA.

“Inaugural 2007 Legacy Awardees”

Lavelle “Reds” Anderson, Washington, DC; Thomas M. Irving & David I. Stroman, Jr., Washington, DC.

“Inaugural 2007 Founders Awardees”

  Robert “Bob” Brock, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Dr. George H. Grace, Miami, FL,
   Dwayne M. Murray & Christopher Hill, Metropolitan Kappa Youth Foundation, Inc. 
Youth Golf Initiative: Langston Golf Course, Washington, DC.


 “2008 Members”

James W. Black, Charlotte, NC; George G. G. Johnson, Louisville, KY;
Eddie Payton, Jackson, Mississippi; Jimmy Lee “Jim” Thorpe, Heathrow, FL

“2008 Humanitarian Awardees”

Dari & Billy Bowman, Tequesta, FL 

 “2008 Pioneers”

Hercules O. Pitts, Upper Marlboro, MD; Earl G. Graves, Sr., New York, NY

“2008 Publisher of the Year”

  Pete McDaniel, FL, Conyers, GA

“2008 Golf Administrator of the Year”

Avis L. Brown-Riley, Chula Vista, CA

“2008 Mother – Daughter Golfers of the Year”

Linda Lett & Dara Broadus, Atlanta, GA  

“2008 Father – Son Golfers of the Year”

Bobby Brown, Shreveport, Louisiana – Aric Brown, Chicago, IL

“2008 Founders Awardees”

  Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Tallahassee, FL; Helen Cluett, Palm Beach, FL

“2008 Legacy Awardee”

Posthumously inducted:Hercules L. “Pops” Joyner*, Dallas, Texas

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the Founder of the African American Golfers Hall Of Fame, Inc.

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