African American Golfers Hall of Fame
West Palm Beach, Florida

About the Hall of Fame

Board of Directors
Malachi Knowles, Founder & Chairman
Gordon Brown
Essie Knowles
John Knowles
Martha Clark
James Garvin Jr.


Advisory Board

  • Avis Brown, Chairperson
  • Gordan Brown, Vice Chair
  • Peggy Rhodes, Vice Chair
  • Pete Brown
  • Ronald A. Davis
  • Renee Fluker
  • Selina Johnson
  • John H. Knowles
  • Fred Price
  • Thurman Simmons

Staff Support

  • Malachi Knowles, Executive Director
  • Bobby Brown
  • Anthony Crump
  • Esmeralda H. knowles
  • Charles Lightfoot

Corporate Sponsors
The African American Golfers Hall of Fame is seeking sponsors to aid in our efforts celebrate the achievements and accomplishment of African Americans in the game of golf. We are also a major sponsor of grassroots youth golf programs. In association with our corporate partners, the African American Golfers Hall of Fame is able to donate resources to programs that make a difference in communities and schools all over the country.

The benefits of becoming an African American Golfers Hall of Fame corporate partner include:

  • The ability to tap into an under-indexed niche audience.
  • Increase sales, market share and merchandising opportunities.
  • Reach worldwide awareness on a grass-roots level.
  • Network with influential decision makers.
  • Enhance your corporate image.
  • Increase product awareness through sampling, brand presence and coupon distribution at AAGHOF events.
  • Profit from cross-promotional opportunities with other AAGHOF partners.
  • Link your products and services to an inspiring cause.
  • Positively impact employee morale and productivity through corporate volunteer efforts.          

AAGHOF Corporate Sponsors: 
Inner City Youth Golfers', Inc.

Enjoy our Hall of Fame.

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